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Books: Now Available and Coming Soon

RELEASED DATE: October 18, 2022 - Blueberry-Blue Bubble

A bubblegum blower blows a blue bubble.
But what happens when the bubble gets bigger, and bigger and bigger?


Packed with humor, and filled with lively alliterations, this book is sure to have them begging to
hear it again and again!

Reading Age: 3-7 Years

Soft Learning Moments: Size, Animal Sounds

Amazing illustrator:  Marcin Piwowarski

book cover 300 x 300 for amazon with kids

RELEASE DATE: Spring 2023 - Heart Print - How Not to Foozle Mom’s Gift 

Oh no! Every attempt at making Mom a birthday present has foozled! 

How lucky that an accidental discovery leads to a simple, fun, and free way to show love.


Reading Age: 3-7 Years


Amazing illustrator:  Monika Marzec   

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