A Book Signing!

I am so fortunate that Flower Girls LLC, have asked me to do a book signing in the shop this Saturday. I have not done one before, so it should be interesting. I have been reading a Twitter thread where a new author had a book signing and had 2 people show up. Many famous […]

Wow – 200 sales!

Yay! I hit 200 paid sales! In less than a month! This is strange- but fun! I also had 145 free downloads of the book – but they don’t count as much 🙂

Can you teach an old dog a new trick?

I have learned so much about about self-publishing books and I still have much to learn. Blueberry-Blue Bubble is out and I am so happy with how it has been doing, so maybe I have learned a couple of things. Of course, I also have the best friends and family and that certainly helped! I’ve […]

Why do I need this?

I spent over an hour designing and uploading custom checks for my new author account. They became custom when I decided to add background pictures from my book . I rarely write checks any more. I can’t think of a single reason why I would write a check from this account vs using the debit […]

New Beginnings

The following post I wrote in January 2022. Better late than never? Here’s to new adventures. I’ve never considered myself a great writer. Actually, I barely even considered myself adequate. I did fine in English classes, but it took me forever with LOTS of revisions until I felt I was ready to submit the assignment. […]