The following post I wrote in January 2022. Better late than never? Here’s to new adventures.

I’ve never considered myself a great writer. Actually, I barely even considered myself adequate. I did fine in English classes, but it took me forever with LOTS of revisions until I felt I was ready to submit the assignment.

But, I have ideas – so many ideas. I can glimpse strangers interacting at the grocery store and mentally start constructing a story. Within a minute, that glimpse can morph into a whole scenario and I have already sided with one of them and agree that their aunt, who I just invented, is overstepping her bounds and needs to be stopped.

Putting my thoughts/words in public for others to read was not in my life’s plan. But, a job change that created free time, along with a story idea that I can’t forget, made me realize I want to try. I have an award-winning, self-published friend who I have watched bring her ideas to multiple books. She makes it look easy. I know it is because she works hard, but also, she is so talented. I am fortunate that I have someone that I can bug for information.

The amount of information needed to succeed is tremendous. There is the story itself – plot, characters, conflict, etc., then all the rest of what to do with the manuscript when finished. I was surprised to learn that writing the book itself is only a small portion of the learning curve.

One of my most anxiety-producing discoveries is that new authors are expected to actively self-market their books and brand. This is not one of my strengths, but it is the reason to start a more active social media presence.

Through this blog, I’ll document my journey to becoming an author. All my triumphs and failures – are out for public scrutiny.

I love learning new hobbies and I’m having a blast – here’s hoping it continues!

I’m guessing no one is going to say that I made it look easy…

Carrie Sharkey Asner, Author

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  1. I love ALL of your stories! So happy we could meet and share and grow with eachother! You, my friend, have a true talent! From the first moment I read your stories I knew instantly I would purchase them in a store in a heartbeat! They were so special and I could just feel that they came straight from the heart!!! Always remember how incredibly talented you are! You are SOOOOO creative and I value every story I have read that has come straight from your mouth! Keep up the good work! The sky is the limit and in your case, you might just reach among the stars! In fact, I KNOW you will!

  2. Carrie, I’m so privileged to call you my friend as well as to be on your launch team. I’m not great at “self promoting” either, but I will promote the heck out of your stuff!!! Can’t wait to buy a few books to give out. Best of luck to you. Go team Carrie!!! Super brave sharing your journey and telling us about your life. I love it. You’re the best!

  3. Thanks for sharing your touching post. I love that you’re putting your imagination down on paper and I can’t wait to read it! I look forward to hearing more stories about your journey in becoming an amazing author.

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